Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last morning in Vegas.  Although I love the City of Sin, 3 to 4 days worth of repenting is just about my limit.  I'll be changing venues, and heading out this morning to beautiful scenic southern Utah. I'm looking forward to charging at the newly opened Supercharger in St. George, Utah.  A long drive for sure, but no problem so long as I have my tea with me!

I'm a big tea drinker and I always have the 12V 702 Car Kettle by Go Travel with me in the car.  I purchased it from www.atgstores.com for $30 w/free shipping.  I have tried the immersion type heaters, both the 12V and the 110V with a separate inverter, and although they are very cheap, $2-$4, and initially work fine, they last only a few weeks.  After the 3rd one failed, I switched to the Car Kettle and I've been using it, trouble free, for about 2 months now.

The Kettle can be configured for either 12V or 24V.  Position the switch on the bottom of the kettle to 12V and plug directly into the 12V connector on the Tesla console.  The kettle comes with two cups that can be neatly stored within the kettle and a wrap around cord that secures with an attached rubber tab.  One or two cup fill indicators are marked on the clear oval window, and an orange LED light indicates it's heating. 

Pictured to the right are both types of immersion heaters that failed on me within a few weeks.  The 12V unit on top had wiring that was under rated for the current load and would get so hot, I couldn't touch the wire.  A fire hazard for sure.  The bottom, 110V unit which I used with an inverter had no wiring issues, but stopped working after a few weeks.

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