Sunday, October 26, 2014

This, is a delicate matter...

and I've been holding it, for as long as I can, but it's time to talk...


On my first dry run up the California coast, I mentioned I got stuck in a freak snow storm and had to spend 3 days hunkered down with Kitt.  What I didn't mention, was the "RV Park" that the storm blew me into was in the process of clearing out their long-term rentals, did not accept over-nighters (it's a long story how I ended up staying there) and had no working bathrooms.  It was time to improvise and I quickly "engineered" this beta unit.  The original model came equipped with a non-tight fitting lid and believe me when I say "took skill to use".   

Since that time, the production model has come out and I have upgraded to the "Turbo Toilet", a portable, collapsible commode, that I purchased at a Costco road show for $30. You can also acquire them on line from Black Pine Sports

The Turbo Toilet comes nicely packaged in it's own zippered case and includes 12 decomposable bags and 12 deodorizing packets. 

This unit is the bomb, and when you gotta go, you gotta go.  A quick unzip, a hasty flick and both of you are ready.  

When I was walking down the isle at Costco, I saw this 190 lb "gorilla poser" jumping up and down on the toilet.  That alone was worth the 30 bucks, but then I learned of the easy to use locking mechanism, convincing me there would be no unexpected collapses.  Sold.  Upgrade beta unit.

All Done.


  1. Ah- I think you have helped me make a choice for all of my summer camper guys! I have never seen these in Costco. Must go more often! YOur blog is just so much fun- Love it!! If you are using your email, I will send you some One Drive albumsof recent family activities! Love and hugs, aunt judy

  2. For when you're feeling septical ....

  3. or just need a little priv(ac)y.

    btw, heater conked out & I tried your N w/emerg. brake tip. No go, but I was plugged into TT-30. Tried to unplug, put in N/set emerg. then plug in again. Still no go. Bleary eyed, tried once, then donned human burrito attire. Any known 'double' work around?