Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This area is teeming with seafaring activity as it is home port for some of the largest cruise ship lines.  Carnival Cruises, with their newest and largest ship "The Carnival Dream" is home ported here along with Disney's "The Magic" and "The Wonder", as well as Royal Caribbean's "Monarch of the Seas" and "Freedom of the Seas".

This area is also home to Space Florida (www.spaceflorida.gov)" an Independent Special District of the State of Florida who's purpose is to foster growth and development of a sustainable and world-leading space industry in Florida".

Not surprising, Elon's company SpaceX is represented here.  Unfortunately that "mascot", located just behind the sign, isn't projecting "world-leading" anything, and could use a little of Elon's help.

Click to enlarge.

Close by is the "Exploration Tower", 7 floors of exhibits and interactive play. Located in the lobby is a pod of "reclaimed creations", whales and other marine life made with post consumer plastics.  Pretty amazing and reads like "Hidden Pictures" in a Highlights Magazine.  Artist- Sakaya Ganz (http://www.sayakaganz.com/)

Our last stop is the Port Canaveral Lock, 'located between port Canaveral's West turning basin and the Banana River'.  Built by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1965, the lock reduces tidal currents, prevents entry of hurricane tides and inhibits salt water intrusion. It moves slow though and no wonder, it weighs 47 tons!

It's a fairly big production to let this sailboat pass under the drawbridge and then through the lock to get to open waters.


  1. well, all postings look great1 Glad David can be with you! for some reason IE is not working most of the time and I cannont read, much less post on may sites1 but have been following! Love ya, aunt judy

  2. I was wondering where you've been! Missing your comments.

  3. Note from the Future: early next year, SpaceX will attempt to land a booster under its own power (no chutes) on a floating barge. It will run out of hydraulic fluid for its control vanes and land at an angle, and blow itself off the barge. Elon: "A Rapid Unplanned Disassembly". Next attempt the Atlantic throws up gales and 30' waves, so the barge is towed to harbour and the rocket lands perfectly on The Barge That Wasn't There. Awaiting attempt #3, late April. 3rd time's the charm! Cost of orbital launch will fall from SX's already low $60 million to about $300K (for kerosine and oxygen fuel). As usual, others are starting from waaayyy behind to try and catch up. Talk about 'disruptive'!!