Friday, January 16, 2015

Eric Church Announces New Dates For The Outsiders World Tour and Pre-Sales This WeekAs I've been travelling across the country, I've been keeping an eye on the concert schedule for Eric Church's "The Outsiders World Tour".  When I've been in the West, he's been in the East.  When I've been in the North he's been in the South.  Tonight however, our world's collide, when he performs at the Bridgestone theater to a sold out crowd.
According to People with Money Magazine, Church tops the annual list of 10 highest paid singers for 2015 and has strict conditions on ticket sales. He wants his "real fans" to be able to afford his concerts and has taken a hard stance towards scalpers.   To that end Church uses paperless tickets, requiring a photo id and the purchasing credit card to get into a concert.  Additionally he limits ticket sales to no more than 8 per household.   Since tickets were sold out weeks ago, I made arrangements through Criag's list to meet up with an extra ticket holder who was commuting from Chicago to attend his 18th concert with Church.  A true die-hard fan!

Since parking for 20,000 fans will no doubt choke the city, the plan is to arrive in the morning and spend the entire day here.  I park for $5 in the parking structure by the library (a tip from Rob @ Tesla), bundle up and walk to check out the Capitol building.

Beaded Chain Hanging
Music City Center
Nashville City Scape
I walk the city, poking my head into just about every door that's open, taking in all I can see before the concert...

and then it's time to go to Church!

Guitar pics line the mic stand

This guy can really rock the house!  You would think after so many concerts, spanning 10 years of performing, he would lose some of the passion.  Not so! This night, he said he was going to keep playing until he dropped...and played he did.  From 7:30pm until well after 11pm.  My feet were howling, as I was in the front with no designated seat.

Church set a new attendance record that night at the Bridgestone,

and through no skill on my part, his guitar pick landed in my hair after a toss into the audience.

Nashville, I'm sure gonna miss you!                                   


  1. Pick those picks and ticks outa yore hair! ;p

  2. Wow-Lucky Girl!!! aunt judy