Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last picture I take with my tri-pod as it got
left behind in my hurry to get on the road.
I awake to a darkened sky. Light usually dances in from various slits around my cardboard cocoon, but not this morning. Thinking it is pre-dawn, I unlock Kitt and step outside.  Serious?
It's snowing and an inch or more has already accumulated on the ground.
Not far enough west, I sigh.

Since this is the beginning of the storm, and I want no knowledge of it's full demeanor, I decide to high tail it outta there, skipping all of my morning routines.

Back in September, I switched out my 21" wheels for 19's, and I now get to experience for myself how Kitt will react.  I've heard many times how well the Model S performs in the snow, but my experience with 21" wheels have not synced up with that.  I pull out of the KOA with a heightened sense of alertness but not fear, for I feel that whatever happens today, I somehow will get through it.

Although the roads are slushy in heavily traveled sections, it is still freezing outside with plenty of ice.  Kitt is doing well, a lot better with the 19's.  I sashay onto I10 along side the big rigs (not my favorite partner for this white dance party).  I'm cruising at 17 mph, until up ahead one pirouettes, causing all traffic to stop.  

A space is open to the left however, and a 4WD pickup slips by.  I decide to do the same, but when I attempt to go, Kitt's back end slides to the right.  As there are cars directly behind me, I'm unable to back up, so I get out to survey.  I see I've stopped on a thick layer of ice and with no other option, I pull the cables from the back hold.
I'm now hoping I remember enough to get these on correctly.  The driver from the car directly behind sees what I'm doing, gets out of his car and offers his assistance, which I accept.  I position the cables, red towards the back, split opening to the front.  I give a brief tutorial; he installs one side and I the other.  I ask if I can give him some money for his assistance, but he refuses.  We exchange pleasantries and he wishes me safe travels, and I the same for him. 
Security Chain Company Z-563 Z-Chain

No one is on the road behind me and as I learn later, they've closed the road. 

Kind of peaceful, kind of eerie, I travel for miles alone in this white landscape.  

The cables are making noise as if they are hitting the wheel well and are too loose.  I stop multiple times to check, but they are tight with no evidence of contact. 

I finally break free from the storm's grasp and pull over to remove the cables. The hook on the inside proves to be a formidable opponent who I battle until my fingers are numb.  Cold, wet and tired, I drive the remainder of my 195 miles to Willcox, AZ.  

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  1. Wow- What a 'keep you on your toes' experience! I think it is true that most people are nice and want to be helpful. You have had your share of good experiences on this trip! You are not going to want to stay home! I hope you are thinking ahead to a movie short- for utube if nothing larger. This is a great story and adventure you are having that most of us only wish for! Your posts make my day!! luv, judy