Tuesday, September 9, 2014

After months of planning, several 4 dayer "dry-run" camping trips, 3 weeks of sorting, packing, paring down, and repacking, I have all that will travel with me on my multi-month coast to coast trip which I leave for, tonight. This trip has been a lifetime in the making.  Now, with my professional career in the past, 2 independent children graduated with engineering degrees and grains of sand pouring to the floor of a hour glass faster than the Shinkansen, it is time to sojourn; fulfill those "tomorrows", "somedays" and "if things were a little different".

For the most part, I will be travelling by myself; sleeping, preparing meals, exercising and meeting up with family/friends along the way, all in my Tesla Model S 85kw electric car.   I'm starting with 42,077 miles on the odometer and will celebrate two year ownership this October. Although I have no pre-determined route, the embryonic idea behind this trip was to see fall colors in the New England states.  Many a year has passed where I've lamented "I've missed it again, but that will happen no more!  "Tomorrow" has turned into today, "someday" is now and things ARE different.

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