Thursday, September 18, 2014

In addition to the set of adapters I posted earlier, I also carry this set of connectors.  Since the NEMA 14-50 is critical to my adapters, I have an extra, just in case.

In addition to two Tesla charging cables, I carry a 30 foot extension cable.  Although I use the extension cable infrequently, there have been times when access is limited and the extension cable gets me plugged in.  Why two Tesla cables you may ask?  A bear chomped down on my first one, pulling it clear out of a NEMA 14-50 socket.  Although the cable still functions, some damage occurred so I keep it as a spare.

Last but not least, I carry a 40 foot 125V extension cord and plug extenders.  Both of these REALLY come in handy when I sleep over at RV parks.  During a dry run up the coast of California, I was caught in a freak snow storm on Hwy 299.  It took 3 days before the roads were cleared, but I was able to wait it out at a RV park along the way.  I stayed warm, thanks to a small electric heater I brought.  I snaked the extension cord out the window, connected it to the Park's electrical panel and set the heater so I was toasty warm.  No need to use the car's heater or worry about it "timing out".