Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I've spent many wonderful days in years past dirt biking in Moab, Utah so this was definitely a destination to revisit.  If travels bring you this way, be sure to stop off at Miguel's Baja Grill.  Come with an appetite, you'll need it if you order the MOAB  (Mother Of All Burritos).  Oh... and watch out for that unassuming pepper they put on the side of the plate.  Geeze, it will burn your lips off! 

Took the side road off Hwy 128 down E. Castle Valley Drive and captured this shot shortly before the sun set.  Not a soul around except for one happy camper.


  1. Well, if I use google, maybe it will let me post. Sooo frustrating! I think your photos speak volumes as to the joy and glory of it all! Yummy looking food1 Love the scenery! Pray this posts!

  2. Whopee! It worked!1 I am imagining you curled up in the car in some campground just reveling in your adventure! Fantastic!!!!

  3. Thanks! You should have seen just how high I got...darn camera didn't capture the apex (ok, maybe it just seemed that way) :)