Thursday, September 25, 2014


When I heard Branson, Mo was known for it's live country music, I thought, "Great, that's my kind of place, a definite stop on my cross country journey".  You could have knocked me over with a feather... or for that matter, the whole darn chicken  when I cruised down main street and saw...


It just wasn't what I was expecting.

There are however, remnants left over from the days where it earned its reputation for hosting country legends.

At 78 years young, Mickey Gilley is still performing and putting on a terrific show.  Although he's not playing the piano, due to a spinal cord injury, his voice is strong and his love for the audience/performing carries him through.

Not to mislead, Missouri has some beautiful scenery.  All that is missing is the rainbow.


  1. The Ripley's house looks like my house!
    That's a neat city!

  2. Yes!!! Looks like so much fun! Going to see some shows? My friend, John Field, who is in Clinton, MA, outside Boston says he would love to see you. Even has a bed! If you want to get an idea of where to go to "look" best, you could stop by or email him. He would love it! He and Barb lived in the magical house behind us- that has given us 3 of our most beloved and long lasting friends. You will be nearby the "church" that Arlo Guthrie has restored and everyone in the community uses. i'll send you his email address in an email! love and hugs aunt judy

  3. I saw two shows, both of which I enjoyed; Mickey Gilley and Clay Clayton. I would love to have John's contact information!