Wednesday, September 24, 2014

If this billboard had a tail, it would be wagging!  What a nice welcome.  Too bad I'm going to buzz through this state faster than a greyhound chasing a hare.  I've heard some great things about Branson, MO so I'm making a beeline there.

Six States worth of bugs are now
adorning the front of Kitt (click on the pic to enlarge & see all the glory).  Oh, I'm sorry, where are my manners.  I should have introduced you sooner.  Yes, (head bowed) my car does have a name... her name is Kitt.  Perhaps you may recall Knight Rider: an American television series staring David Hasselhoff, a modern crime fighter assisted by an advanced, artificially intelligent and nearly indestructible car.  I digress...

Actually the adornments could have been much more... should I say "gaudy".  

As I was making my way through Kansas, first the Goodland supercharger, then Hays, a man approached me who had lots of questions about the car.  As Kitt was charging, (and then some time thereafter) I paused to talk with him.  This started a chain reaction that left me with 20 miles of driving in the dark.  The speed limit was 80 and I was going every bit of that, anxious to get to camp and set up.  Kansas is flat and no way would I have expected a deer to "suddenly" appear (I saw none of those yellow signs warning me of such).   I was in the "slow" lane and the deer was standing on the solid white line.  Time went into slow motion and I was thinking, there's no way I'm going to be able to avoid a collision if this deer bolts. Flashing my lights did enter into my grey matter, but then I thought, THAT could make it bolt, so I just kept on course and luckily, there was no further incident.  My.. heart.. was.. pounding.  Deer antlers are pretty cool, but Kitt would have been on the "worst dressed list".  Way too much jewelry!

Okay, let me just get this out of the way.  I don't let any valet park her, any car wash, scrub/wax her, or any mechanic work on her.  It's just me and those nice folks at Tesla.

Cringe!  This is so not my cup of tea, but alas there is good in everything... and considering I arrived in Branson with 18 miles of charge, that NEMA 14-50 looks, downright sexy.  One night to pick up a full charge then it's off to a more "scenic" site like...

Table Rock State Park, MO.  No need to plug in, I have plenty of charge, so I select a "tent" campsite for $13, and the "pop rocks look" is off my face.


  1. Beautiful! You are in the heart of country now! And looking great! lIke your beautiful campsite! You still eating from your own little hacienda? Hitting the Laundromats yet? I am soooo jealous!!! Keep on blogging!

  2. Food prep is coming soon! Think y'all be surprised. Gotta love the speech in this part of the country, cause they call all the ladies ma'am.