Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nooooo....I'm not ready to leave! There's so much yet that I want to see and do here. 

Yeah, but what about fall colors??  Think, think, think girl...I've got it!  When you circle around from the south, detour back up this way again.  That way you can check out the slopes and the performance of the new 19" wheels with those cables that you've been hauling around in 80 degree weather for 1,400+ miles. 

C'est super, Muybien, Sehr gut, Heel goed, Feii-chang-hau, Very good!  We all agree; me, myself and I.  

Now it's time to make camp.  Here's my setup:

Yes, I have slept spent the night in the back of the car with the seats folded down, but "the ledge" that is formed, proved to be a significant sleep impediment for me.  It didn't take me long to hone in on the 39" x 75" x 8" inflatable twin mattress from Walmart for $15.

The first 6-8 inches of the mattress (towards the console) is not supported, due to the lack of a back seat in that area.  This does not present a problem for me, as I can either place my pillow there, or scoot down towards the rear hatch.

I already had a rechargeable, battery operated air pump, so that's what I use.  I tested it at home and found out that I can inflate the mattress 4 consecutive days before I have to recharge the battery.  I have to keep track of this, or I'm back sleeping with "the ledge".   Hence, one more thing that gets plugged into that power strip.

Since space is at a premium for this length of trip, optimization is critical.  All my bedding gets stored in a plastic basket behind the drivers seat and stays there. In addition to the down comforter that is rolled up in a tube, I packed another blanket that I keep in a plastic zippered case.

 I absolutely love the lil cubby in the back of the trunk.  I store all my stuff on that shelf that I don't want getting away from me, when I go to bed at night; key fob, glasses, air pump when I've got it charging, and my flashlight/tazer.  Yep, you read that right, and I'm not afraid to use it!  I love, love, love multi-purpose items like this.   Btw, it's also rechargeable, so it gets plugged into the power strip as well. 


  1. You seem to dig the organizing almost as much as the using. ;)

  2. I find the organizing to be an essential component. It takes me less than 10 minutes to set up the bed, start to finish. I only have to move 2 items from the back trunk to the front passenger's seat as everything else has its "permanent" spot. I planned it this way, so I could do the entire set up internally, in case it was raining outside.