Saturday, September 20, 2014

Well, that's not the first time I've placed the key fob in the "watch pocket" of those jeans.  I have done it many times before with no ill results. However, I have to say that I've never "rocked" out like I did that night.  I guess just a little too much shimmying and yep, you already know where this is going... I lost the key fob.  So the next morning, once again, I placed a call into Tesla, this time in Denver and got Jack Noack, Service Concierge.  Different city, same treatment.  Before I even had the car in park, Jack came out to the parking lot to greet me.  With the spare fob I had, he pulled the car into the service bay and the technicians went straight to work.  I was offered drinks and snacks while I waited and I did notice that other "options" were available from the Medicinal Oasis next door.  Now, I've always thought Telsa did a great job in selecting the locations for their supercharges, to accommodate food and shopping experiences, but WOW service centers next to "pharmacies" too?  

While service was programming the new fob, I got talking to Jack about what else there was to do in town, (as I had no need for a pharmacy ).  A few questions later, he e-mailed me a list of vegan restaurants, points of interest, and tours based on my responses to his questions.  That alone, goes beyond what I expected, but wait, there's more...each recommendation came with hours of operation, phone numbers, pictures, maps and directions.  Say what??   

This time, Brian H., you will be happy to hear that I got charged, (and rightfully so). Here's what my love of dance cost me:

Total Labor & Miscellaneous 
Total Parts 113.00
Shipping 0.00
Discount 0.00
Subtotal 150.50
Sales Tax 8.61

But what's really cool, is I was given these key fob socks to allow me to rock-on all I want!  They are a thing of beauty and great to hang on a purse or belt loop.

Telsa's service is the Nordstrom of automotive.  Another glowing review!


  1. Actually, I was referring to Elon's edict that Service Centers NOT operate as profit centers. He objects to the idea of making money from flaws in the car. :D

  2. I can attest, everyone at the service centers (I've gone to so far) READ "the memo".

  3. Great piece1 What an adventure. I am watching!!!