Monday, October 20, 2014

Although temperatures during the day are generally still quite nice, temperatures at night are turning beastly cold.   I estimate I have another week, two max, before I'm driven south, as many of the campgrounds in the northeast are closing for the season.  It's time to to finish grazing on Fall colors and steer this cattle drive south.

There is a high concentration of superchargers between Rhode Island and Delaware, and I plan on rounding up at least 10 of em to count towards my goal of 55.

I stop off at Newport Island along the way, taking in the sights from the 10 mile ocean drive.  Some of the houses mansions are massive and I keep thinking; I wouldn't want to do the maintenance,  okay, I wouldn't want to hire someone to do the maintenance, okay, okay, I wouldn't want to hire someone to hire someone to do the maintenance! 

On my list of things to do was a boat tour in Connectiticut, recommended by my Mom.  Each night, hundred of thousands of swallows are drawn to a small island on the lower Conneciticut River near Haddam for a nightly ritual of fanciful flight before their eventual migration south.  Unfortunately, the tour was cancelled, due to lousy weather.  No additional "swallow cruises" were planned, so... I pick up an additional 3 supercharger pics and stop by Mystic instead. 

Talk about scenic!  This is one of the most beautiful, iconic seaport villages I have ever seen.  Mesmerizing, captivating, transfixing all come close to describing this gem... right down to their fire alarms, old and new.

Mystic has seared it's imprint on me, guaranteeing I'll be back for another rodeo.


  1. Fantastic photos! You need another sleeping bag??? Brrr! Oh- all the wonderful places you are seeing. What a store of wonderful memories you are building. Things you can relive whenever you want. I still do that right here! Right now, my big attraction is the troop of small grey birds that are assembling in my bird bath outside my bedroom window! And the slight scent and feel of autumn stealing in. I planted broccoli and cauliflower yesterday, thanks to the generosity of my neighbors, the Nelsons, who bought a few too many plants. I still have tomato plants trying to be vigorous., and the one Anaheim pepper is amazingly climbing ever higher and dangling beautiful peppers from its spare frame like ornaments on a Christmas tree! Yes, life is beautiful!! Love you lots, aunt judy

  2. I can just picture your birds bathing and sunning themselves. How wonderful! I'm just sorry I missed the swallows on the lower Connecticut river. Perhaps I can pick up something similar when I'm down south. Enjoy your warm, sunny weather.