Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm not far from Dingman's Ferry, Pennsylvania (an area suggested by one of my readers in the "55 poll") to: "Hike the Dingman's Falls Trail at the Delaware Water Gap, an easy trail with an elevation (gain) of 55'. I set Kitt's course for a KOA near Stroudsburg, leaving the safe harbour of Mystic.

Upon check-in, I learn of a "Food Truck Festival" being held the next day at the Shawnee Mountain Ski area not far away.  I bunk down with a promise to check it out.


I'm not so into the food part of the festival, but this Monster truck sure catches my eye!  I buy a ticket and hoist myself onto the First Mate's seat, next to Chuck, our Captain.  He set's the rigging, unfurls the sails, cranks up the tunes and off we go!  He maneuvers through a series of hard tacks, donuts and hill climbs of which, makes others in the back seat sea sick, but not me.  We arrive back at port with a single regret, that the voyage wasn't longer.

Great fun, but now it's time to get down to "business" and accomplish what I came here to do.  I head to Dingman's Falls, park down below, and walk a mile to the Visitor's Center.  It's composition is perfectly set; Thomas Kinkade's pallet of saturated colors.

 I walk through a wooded forest rising 55 feet in elevation and then I see:

Check.   55 leaves and 55 one arm push ups left to go (and that last one's going to be a doozy).


  1. I bet if it had been warmer, you would have jumped in. mom

    1. Funny you mention that. When I was standing at the base of the pool, that's exactly what I was thinking!