Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I'm just like Pavlov's dog; conditioned to salivate when I see a supercharger on the map (in this case Newark, DE). There's gotta be more than a plug though to start my juices flowing, especially when the smell of chocolate from Hershey Pennsylvania wafts from a southwestern prevailing wind.  .

Atlantic City and the 'Joursey' shore tip the scale however, and I throw the ball towards the Atlantic ocean for Kitt to fetch.

I check to see which hotels have EV hook ups and I'm surprised to find out how reasonable the room rates are.  It hardly makes sense for me to camp, as the savings would buy only a milk bone or two. 
It's obvious right away that this area has been hit hard financially.  When I pull into the parking garage I am one of only two cars on the entire level.

The next morning, a beautiful day beckons me to the boardwalk.  I leash up my camera and ready myself for the 4+ mile dog run.   The boardwalk, purported to be the world's first, is constructed out of thousands of 2 x 4's laid in a herringbone pattern and replaced every 12 years due to foot traffic.  

There are reminders up and down the boardwalk, empty store fronts and signs like these, that reveal just how hard this town has been hit...

but even a pooch can have a shiny coat.  Cookie anyone?


  1. Looks like you are having a good time, and no wonder they r broke using 2 X 4's to cover 4 + miles of boardwalk for their dogs! I didn't even notice any pooper scooper stations so they probably don't get "Crap" recycling them every duodenary. She got the syrup, and I told her to send U a can of the latest fall colors release of febreze! Figured that might come in handy right about now ! (Ha, ha !) Especially since I didn't see U swimming in that nice pool after rolling around in those leaves??

    Keep on Juicen:


  2. Giggling all the way to the pound ;D