Thursday, October 30, 2014

First state crossing.
Today's agenda
Supercharger treasure hunt

Today's sole focus is to head south, collecting  as many superchargers pics along the way, before it gets dark.  I'd like to stockpile all 5 between Pennsylvania  and North Carolina.  Here goes.

#1 Hagerstown, MD

Talk about stinky!  Curiosity and a little research yields:
(Healthwise, there is a terrible odor that comes and goes and will give you a headache and probably a lot worse than that. This odor began three years ago and might be coming from a local plant, but the city and county health department have done nothing about it.)
but little else.  No matter, I'm not hanging around.

#2 Bethesda, MD

Oh yes Siree, temporary locations count too!  

Normally I would stop by and talk with the folks at Tesla, but not today, I've got to get a gettin'.

Thrid state crossing.
Missed West Virginia's Welcome sign!

#3 Woodbridge, VA


#4 Glen Allen, VA

Yeah after awhile they all start to look the same.

#5 South Hill, VA

Aww, you caught me!  
Four Superchargers and four states.  I'm satisfied.


  1. You gotta get one one more to keep that 5 thing going!

  2. So right! Could we just say I "freshened up" with an outfit change?