Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kitt has been bugging me for weeks now, to get her a Halloween costume. Although she's just shy of 2 years old, she's very observant and has seen others dressing up.  I finally get some free time, so I sit down with her and surf the web for ideas.

I decide to have some fun and suggest:

MINI: Dress Your Car Up for Halloween 2 - Print (image) - Creativity OnlineBad idea!  I'm sure you've all "seen" the terrible two's.  She shows me its full furry and threatens to leave me walking home by myself.  

I tell her I'm joking and remind her I sold a perfectly good Lexus 400H so there would be room in the garage for her.  

She seems satisfied and I breath a sigh of relief, recognizing I just dodged a "mini" bullet.

We discuss different concepts and she likes the idea of a "reverse mullet", party in the front, business in the back, so Mom gets to work.

It's time for a fitting, but she keeps fidgeting, so it's taking longer than planned.

I give her a sipper cup of TT-30 juice and she's cooperative once more.  Much better. 

Ready for the party in the front! time for the business in the back.

Did I mention, she's no push over and says to me "business will certainly be taken care of back here".  Hmmm,  is that a growl?

She really doesn't forgive that easily and decides to teach me a lesson, no doubt for that "mini" joke.  I hear something about "engine, and exhaust, and that's not funny" before I'm sucked in.  

...and luckily



  1. I see that the pumpkin is wearing a retainer. I think he was one of my former orthodontic patients. I also see after reading a lot of things on this blog that you have the same weird sense of humor that I have. Sorry we didn't explore that more when we spoke in the waiting room.

  2. KITT does cop cho(m)ps? Who knew?

    1. ...and to such a nice police officer, investigating my disappearance.

  3. Hilarious! And so artistic!! Absolutely love it. You use cardboard to make your vicious mouth on the backside? Definitely a bait and switch dress up! love and hugs, aunt judy

    1. Walmart poster board and a lazy day :)

  4. This is Rebecca and Sarah. How did you make the eyelashes? They look so cool!

  5. Hi Girls! I bought some poster board at Walmart, cut out points at 1" intervals, colored them black with a marker and curled them with the handle of my electric toothbrush. I've saved them and can show you upon my return. The lips however (unbeknownst to me at the time) got blown away in a storm when I opened the back hatch at night.