Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oh Canada, eh!
Since I'm fairly close to Canada, and two more opportunities (Lake Erie & Lake Ontario) await to fulfill my Reader's Poll of how I should mark my 55th Birthday (How about 55 laps on one of the great lakes!) , I'm thinking I'll veer off the supercharger network once more and head up to Buffalo, NY.  I "fill up" at Town Place Suites over night (complimentary for guests) and cruise to Niagara Falls some 25 miles away in the morning.

I check into my room on the 40th floor and am greeted with an amazing view and a hot shower (where I don't feel the need to wear flip flops). 

The attached casino has a complementary EV charger, but I'm always a bit leery, as typically a garage like this, will have only one or two EV stations, often filled with ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars.  I breath a sigh of relief when I pull up to the single EV spot and see this sign. 

Down in the lobby who do I see?  Kitt's namesake, Nikola Tesla!  Of course it's now peak traffic through this hallway, and when I explain to raised eyebrows that there's a story behind this, the bell hop coyly replies "I've learned not to ask questions".  I laugh at his comment and wear a smile the rest of the day.

"Huge horizontal and vertical generators process 422,600 gallons of water per second on the Canadian side of the falls.  Westinghouse Electric and Nikola Tesla created alternating current generators for Niagara Falls in 1895".  

I stop by Costco for provisions and notice regional differences; especially the Canadian's love for sausage and cheese.

French fries and poutine are on the menu in the food court. 

I pick up my first of 55 leaves, then there's just one more thing to do...

"55 laps on one of the great lakes".  I choose Lake Ontario. 

Check, got that one off the list.

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  1. 55 laps of Lake Ontario? You don't need no MS, lady!