Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On the road again...

I'm now starting to collect state welcome signs faster than supercharger pics!  Speaking of... did you notice the new "Trip Map with (Super)chargers (Ever Evolving)" icon on the top-right side bar?  Since I now have the goal of collecting 55 "personalized" supercharger pics, I thought I'd organize them on a map that also charts my route.  Go for it!  Click on "google maps" to view my route map, along with a list of visited (super)chargers. (Thanks Kiddo!)
Select a supercharger and view information on the site location along with photos.  Since I didn't get this idea until the Rockies, (no Medicinal Oasis involved here) there are some holes.  I worry not, as I will be back with shovel in hand to fill them in when I wrap around from the south.

Picture taken from Angola, Indiana Supercharger.
Sometimes it feels like I'm blowing through states too fast, but actually I think I'm right on time as I can see the beginning of the color change. I still have time to travel further up north.

The day starts out a pleasant 75 degrees in Illinois, but there is a noticeable difference as I travel east. The more miles I travel, the more the clouds fill with charcoal.  It's pretty certain I'm going to get rained on tonight.

A storm's a brewing and it's time to get off the road.  I have plenty of charge, so I mosey on into a "primitive" campsite.  Translation...no power.

Temperatures steadily drop over night to 41 degrees and I counter by incrementally adding layers, much like a Chipotle burrito; first, fuzzy socks, then long sleeve shirt, then vest and wrap it all up in a down blanket tortilla.  This is what I look like in the morning.  Best dressed list?  Uh, I think not.

Before last night, the cruise control was my favorite item in the car.  It's now got competition.


  1. Great posts!!! Love the cardboard improvisation!!!1 judy

  2. Just a hint from Bjorn: you can set the temp and leave the Climate Control on by setting the car in Neutral and engaging the emergency brake. Everything stays "on".

    1. Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya & thank ya to Bjorn too! It was a chilly one for sure. I know Kitt turns off 30 minutes after I leave the seat, just enough time for a pot of tea, but not much good for anything else. I was going to experiment with pressure points, etc, but now I can use that time to work on my "mother goose" maneuvers, and "bible jujitsu"; just in case anyone comes thumping on my roof. ;)