Monday, October 6, 2014

Privacy "kit"
Privacy is an important aspect of life when I'm hunkered down with Kitt. Whether sleeping, working on the computer, etc., I don't want prying eyes.  So before my first dry run, I set out to design a privacy system.   The "system" had to:
  • be economical, as I didn't want to drop a lot of change. 
  • be quick to implement (I had 2 days before my 1st dry run).
  • be easy to use. 
  • be compact and simple to store.   

When I was contemplating the task, I noticed that each of the back side windows as well as the rear hatch had a "slot" of sorts that I thought I could use to press fit a privacy screen into.  I then went about making a pattern.  I  took some tissue paper and with the aid from scotch tape, I traced out the pattern both for the back hatch, and the side window.  As I didn't have cardboard that was large enough, I took a trip to the back of a convenience store near my home to pick up some boxes.  I then used the tissue paper patterns to cut out the cardboard inserts, piecing the larger back screen together with duct tape.  As you can see, it's pretty rough, but it got the job done.  I had planned on improving the system (and probably still will), but it worked so well on that first dry run, I just kept using it.

Privacy screen as seen from
the outside.

When I have juice and can charge appliances, I run an extension cord through the side window.

I added "tabs" to the back hatch insert as it helps keep the privacy screen snug against the window.  All box "graffiti" gets placed inwards to match Kitt's class act outwards.  

The final area to conceal is just in front of the seats.  Here's my setup:  

I take a double folded sheet and drape it over the two front seats.  I then "attach" the sheet  to the sun roof from the inside using folded accordion "springs" made from cardboard.  Because it's pressed fit into the "ledge", I never have to open the sunroof.
Close up of folded accordion cardboard "spring"

Any slits of light that are formed, I now prevent by pinning the sheet  to the side cardboard privacy screen inserts.
If I'm feeling lazy, or the break down of my bed is done in the "wrong" order, I'll store the privacy screens strapped to the back seat.  Otherwise I put them under the mat in the covered back trunk area.  Voila, good to go!


  1. Heh. I'm bad. If I saw a car buttoned up like that, I'd walk up and slap the roof hard 3 or 4 times, just to hear the screams. \;->

  2. The MS does 0 to 60 in ~3.9 sec., I'm out the door in less than 2.0 and just so you know, your good time won't last long. Check out my 'grandma' & the stock I come from. Just audio.