Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thank you to all, who participated in my birthday poll!  I very much enjoyed reading your great ideas, serious and goofy alike, on how to celebrate 55 years.  As you might have inferred from my comments, I'm going to try and accomplish each one, no matter how nutty, and post the results on my blog.  We're both in for some good laughs!  

To start the giggles off, this first one requires a little background.  My younger son, who came to visit me in Chicago is somewhat of an adrenaline junkie and has been wanting to go skydiving for quite some time.  He has asked me repeatedly if I would go with him and I have always said yes, placing it squarely on the back burner for "sometime" in the future.  With my computer sitting idle at 1 o'clock, he researched skydiving facilities in the greater Chicago area and after reminding me of this trip's purpose, "to wait no more", convinced me to take that afternoon's 4 o'clock availability. 
My heart awoke from its slumber, downed a cup of deathwishcoffee ( in response, and readied itself for the day ahead.

After the hour and a half drive, we arrive at Chicagoland Skydiving Center, located on the corner of, Out in the Boonies and Skydive Lane. 

After signing in, signing wavers, and signing release of liability, we watch an "instructional video" of how we just signed away our rights to sue.  K, got that out of the way.  Heart now decides to get on the treadmill.  


We get suited up and with surprisingly very little instruction, head to the plane.  I now start to pepper my tandem-lifeline "Mikey" with questions.  Who would have guessed, I get the jokester of the bunch.  Heart commences a sprint.

 At this point, I'm asked to leave my camera behind and the videographer takes over.  Heart rate continues to rise, until 14,500 feet, when it goes into full cardiac arrest.  I tell Mikey "push me out" as I know I'm not going to want to "step out of a perfectly good airplane". He complies. Here's my ride.  Hope you enjoy.

I'm offered a "free" glass of wine afterwards which I accept as I've heard a glass of red is good for the heart. I buy the dang T-shirt, watch the most glorious sunset and wait for NSR.

Check, got that one off the list.

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