Thursday, October 16, 2014

When I'm off the Supercharger grid (like now), I'm always looking for  a double caffeinated shot of NEMA 14-50, but last night all I could find was a half caff TT-30.  No matter... I have time.  I pull into the KOA  around 3pm with 100 miles left in the vault.  Driving to Maine will take me 140 miles, plus change.  Although I'll pick up only 6 miles of charge per hour, I have plenty of time to accumulate the extra 40 that I will need, plus extra for a buffer.  No problem. (Uh huh, how many times have you said this?? then...)

I use the time to get on the WiFi at the clubhouse as my phone's data plan from which I usually tether, is stretched further than Octo-Mom.  E-mails, phone calls, and downloads later I head for Kitt.   As soon as I step outside, the big chill slaps me, but a smile comes across my face as I have an extra 110V circuit and my  space heater waiting for me. The forecast predicts a low of 28 degrees tonight.  No problem... uh huh.

I give the heater a good head start while I shiver in the ladies room brushing my teeth.  Back to Kitt, snug and warm and within minutes I'm purring... until 2:30 in the morning when the heater starts to "flicker" and eventually turns belly up and says "I'm done".  Brian H's trick now comes to mind, so I bleary eyed jump into the driver's seat and try to put Kitt into Neutral and set the emergency brake to power up the "systems".  No go, presumably because I'm charging.  Ah, life's proverbial metaphorical moments; have cake or eat cake... charge, or heat?  I choose charge. I retain what heat I do have, don my human burrito attire and wait for Sol Invistus with a promise to myself to do more testing during the daylight hours. 

Oh, and remember that lil tyke playing in the leaves...well on my hike earlier in the day, I found an anonymous pile of leaves to call my own and...

some leaf critter from that wahoo moment found the back of my neck, bit me and left 2 big ole welts.  Pretty dang funny!  I don't care, I'd do it again. 


  1. Silly question Judy.....Who takes the pictures of you? Throwing up leaves in the White Mountains. I remember going there on Mary and my honeymoon. We travelled 8000 miles in 6 weeks in our 1963 Volkswagen (definitely not electric) from Chicago to Michigan thru Canada to New York to Vermont and New Hampshire and Maine and then down the east coast to Key West up the gulf coast to New Orleans and thence home to Chicago. Quite a trip but there were 2 of us and either I took the pictures or Mary did......which gets back to my question.

  2. I forgot to add that Dudley Do Right is Ford G. Roberts. The name was given to me by my classmates in dental school because I always did the right thing.

  3. Hey Dudley,
    Sounds like quite the trip!
    To answer your question, I have a compact tri-pod with a threaded screw "top plate" that my camera mounts to. The series of pictures are taken in "burst mode" with a 10 second programmable delay, all features of the camera. It's compact and easy to use but doesn't quite capture the magnificence of those Fall colors.

  4. Brrr... Hope you got your heater working! It was beautiful here! Looks and sounds like you and Kitt are having a great time everywhere! Ah, the leaves!! We used to press them between paper towels, then inside books. My mother eventually put some between two sets of thick burlap and then ironed them into place mats. I bet I still have one here somewhere! They were beautiful for years! love ya, aunt Judy

  5. Oops. Correction. She placed them on a sheet of burlap, then placed the burlap and leaf between two sheets of plastic and press them with an iron so the edges glued together.

  6. Thanks for the tip! I brought along a journal to catalog my trip, but haven't swiped one single stroke. I now use it for my leaf press. The leaves seem to be holding up rather well, and I'm hoping that will continue until I can give the attention to a more permanent display.