Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yeah, I guess I have to admit it, I've always been this way. As a kid, I made my bed daily w/o being asked, decorated my bulletin board monthly by season and holiday, organized the few dust collectors I had, made lists, cataloged and filed.   Not surprising, Kitt is the same way!

After the few dry runs, and now several weeks on the road, I have a system that's fine tuned for how I roll.

Most of what I carry is confined to 3 areas: behind the front seats, in the front trunk (they're calling it a "frunk"), and on the floor of the front passenger seat.  

My "bed in a basket" is behind the driver's seat and has everything I need to assemble my sleeping abode without stepping outside.   When it's pouring and nasty, I crawl from the drivers seat on top of the center console to the back.  I fold the back seats down and inflated the air mattress.  Ten minutes later I'm horizontal.

In the middle, I have my non-refrigerated food bag containing snacks which I can easily access from the driver's seat, by reaching back with my right hand.  

On the far end is my clothes and toiletries bag.  I often change in the car when I'm "dry camping" and have my cardboard cocoon up.

The front trunk, houses a low profile, Coleman 33 Quart Party Stacker Cooler.  I picked it up at for $27.99 and it fits perfect.  It has quite a large carrying capacity and the flat top acts as a table which I use when I'm juicing (more on that later).  There is plenty of clearance when the hood is lowered, no worries.

In the "microwave" compartment behind the cooler, I have a plastic basket that stores all my "non-seasonal" clothing which I switch out as the temperature changes. 

The last area of storage is on the floor by the passengers seat.  Contained within this box is: the kitchen, the laundry room and the garage.  Plates, silverware, kitchen towel, cutting board, swiss army knife, paper towels, toliet paper, lighter, laundry soap, quarters, duct tape, scissors, plastic bags, disinfecting wipes and an umbrella.  Water and tea bags up front and within reach for my regular tea fixes.

I'm sure someone has found a better place for the garbage bag, but as my center console is filled with tea paraphernalia this is the only place left that's convenient.  Ugh, that's not so pretty is it?... I'll have to make a nicer looking garbage bag holder when I return home.

Going down the road, phone is charging, pot of tea is brewing, and computer waits patiently for its turn at juice.  

Ah, everything in its place.

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