Sunday, November 23, 2014

I love nuts, and eat them in one form or another just about every day. Each year, my Mom and I split a case of Extra Fancy Mammoth Pecans, (roasted and lightly salted) ordered on-line from Sunnyland Farms in Albany, Georgia. ( These pecans are not your "average" pecan.  I don't bake or cook with these as I would consider that a waste.  These are reserved for a special treat, and boy are they addictive! 

I'm a stone's throw away from Albany, GA but find out that Sunnyland Farms does not sell direct from the farm. I see that Adcock Pecan Company does, so I turn that frown upside down and stop in.

And do they have pecans! Lots of them, and quite a few varieties; Papershell, Caddos, Elliotts, and Desireables to name a few. Pecans in the shell, pecan halves, pieces, and meals, toasted pecans, pecan logs, candies and oils...the list goes on!


I get a demonstration of the "nut wizard", an open slotted gerbil ball used to pick up pecans or other nuts from the ground.

I make my purchases, rip open a bag of Elliotts, then hop back on I-75 towards the Macon Supercharger. While Kitt's crusing, I take in the sights.  Top on the list is the unusual amount of billboards here.  Hands down, "ad alley" has the highest density of (double-decker) billboards I have ever seen.   A little further on, I see 2 "special ones".

Now I don't know about you, but I don't take this as an invitation for coffee...

it seems more like Duke's nut cracker to me.

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