Monday, November 24, 2014

Macon, GA Supercharger, filled with ICE cars.
At times, my posts can lag a day or more due to lack of internet access, computer difficulties, etc.  This post falls into that category.  As I was approaching the Macon Supercharger, I was aware that Atlanta was about to open, but it did me no good as I had a deadline to be in Tennessee.  The stretch between Macon, GA and Chattanoga, TN I knew was going to be one I had to watch carefully.  I programmed Kitt for an extended range charge and waited.
As you have already surmised, Kitt is very smart.  She is equipped with 7,000 (type 18650) lithium ion battery cells, similar to the ones used in laptop computers.  Through extensive testing, Tesla has determined that if their batteries are kept below 90% charge capacity, they last longer.  This is a programmable feature available to the user. 
I do not have "charge anxiety" (a fear of running out of charge) so I keep Kitt below the 90% "sweet spot" most of the time. Although rare, there are times when I will fill er' all the way up.  This is known as an extended range charge.

I make it to Chattanoga, TN adjusting my speed as needed and arrive with a comfortable 32 miles left in the coffers. 

I reprogram the range back to 90%, fill up, then head to Nashville, The Country Music Capital of the World!  

Along the way I'm reading the white writing on the wall and it concurs with reports that a cold snap is blanketing much of the US. Tennessee did not get a suspension through executive action and will be hit with a low of 28 degrees for the night.

It is more difficult now to secure accommodations at campgrounds because of the drop in temperature.  Even though I inform them I have a heater and am "self contained" they still do not want any vehicle other than a RV. From here on out until I reach the south, I know I'm going to have to allot more time to this endeavor as choices have narrowed.

Tennessee is beautiful, along the I-24 corridor, despite it's inability to show off fall colors at their peak. 

That's ok. It can still deliver on the sunsets.


  1. Great photos! Love the sunset. That Tesla is a work of ar t!
    aunt judy

  2. My "Range 3-step Plan": Drive slowly enough to increase margin to desired levels, then speed up to hold it steady, then have fun as soon as you're confident of making it. If you pick any reasonable margin at all, it's guaranteed.