Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kitt and I had some great Halloween fun; tricks, and treats without the calories, and tooth decay.  

We've been logging the miles lately, so I decide to slow down the pace and head to the back country for some chill time.  Pocahontas State Park in Virginia will do the trick.

No lines, no "park full" sign; it's the perfect time of year to enjoy all the glory, without all the hassle.

We've got the park to ourselves and I take full advantage of it.  I throw in a couple loads of laundry, fire up the workout DVD and we're both finished at the end of the spin cycle.  Love those 2fers!

There's a self serve firewood "kiosk" at the campground, so on my way back from a walk, I pick up a six pack.

I actually enjoy building a fire, but more over, enjoy watching it.  I find it to be mesmerizing and entrancing.

Kitt and I both recharge, ready to continue our progression south.  Tomorrow, North Carolina.


  1. All looks sooo good! There is noting quite like an open fire. Are you sure you don't just want to stay "on the road" for ever??? It just looks like a way perfect life. I think I sent you an email with a link to my travels about my 1/3 acre! The Halloween photos were fun! go girl!!! luv, aunt judy

    1. Threaten me with a good time! Oh, wait that's what I'm doing now. Seriously though, there is tranquility and a kind of bliss that accompanies the simplicity of living out of your car. Much more time is spent on the daily tasks; food prep, personal hygiene, set up/break down of the bed, etc. but there is no hurry to it. I find more pleasure in these tasks than I ever did when my home was a house. I've been asked many times, "Are you ready to come home yet?" My answer is no, not yet, as I have very little idle time on my hands; every day presenting new and intriguing experiences. This could change, but right now I'm very much enjoying being "on the road".

  2. Kitt -- humm -- does that mean the other one is Cat ??? Well at anyrate now that you've joined the 12 X 12 Oyster squrit club I figuired I could ask. Did U see anything else at Poca state park besides all that nice firewood? Don't get your ski's out just yet, only one inch of snow fell, and that didn't even last a day on the ground. Well the bees are fed and I'm heading back up the hill for my post Halloween "Greased Broom Stick" adventure, among other things.

    keep on jucie-n