Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kitt flies a perfect course, her fletchings provide the necessary stabilization and then we arrive; the Outer Banks.

The approaching billboards advertise the area's abundance as a fishing community.  As I get closer and enter into town, it is confirmed. Trucks and SUVs sport "pole racks" that would put any buck to shame. These guys collect fishing poles, like a woman collects shoes!

Normally, I eat pretty simple and out of the cooler, but not on this segment.  Fresh fish and oysters are on the menu and a local tells me where to find them.  I head to Kelly's and order a dozen oysters; half raw, half steamed.

John and Gwen
John, who I met the day before when I was sampling the tuna at Sam and Omie's, gave me the heads up about the oysters at Kelly's. This is quite typical.  

The people of the Outer Banks are the friendliest, most hospitable bunch that go out of their way to include you.  Everybody seems to know each other and are on a first name basis.  John, twice after finding out which red I was drinking bought a bottle to share.  Gwen, a recent window had her tab picked up by the waiter.  Thought this type of benevolence was dead?  Not here.  Great conversation, warm welcomes, and in short order you fit right in.  Thank you, and all the best to you both!


  1. I thought you were vegetarian, did you eat those oysters?

    1. I've been working on a post (w/video) that highlights that topic. Video has been giving me fits and after 4 takes, I'm still not satisfied with it. Stay tuned, all will be revealed.

  2. Recent widow, not window, I bet!

  3. I did get a great view into her life of 85 years! You always give me a giggle with your edits!