Monday, November 10, 2014

The boardwalk is not the only Myrtle Beach area attraction.  I ask Kitt to find me a coffee shop and then inquire of the waitress about other "non-tourist" type things to do.  She hones right in on Brookgreen Gardens after learning of my interest.  

Little do I know at the time, Brookgreen gardens is named one of the top 10 gardens in the US by Trip Advisor.
Established on 4 former rice plantations in 1931 by Ann Hyatt Huntington, Brookgreen Gardens is a non profit outdoor museum and is designated as a National Historical Landmark, because of Anna Hyatt Huntington's significance as an artist and patron the of the arts.

As with most gardens I visit, I am immediately transformed into a tranquil, dreamlike state of mind.  I can not imagine being in this space and having angst of any kind.  For me, there are two locations that can wave their magic wand and produce this type of inner peace; gardens and being under the ocean scuba diving.

There is an unpretentious, natural and unfettered feel to these gardens, due in part I think, to the the grand oak trees (Quercus virginiana) that were planted in the early 18th century.

Two symbiotic epiphytes, often called airplants (which actually take their nutrients from organic matter, such as windblown dust, or fallen leaves that accumulate around their roots rather than the air) live in these trees; spanish moss and resurrection ferns.

Although I am tempted to run my fingers through the moss, I don't dare as I've heard about the small red chiggers that live there, imparting misery through an unbearable itch. 

The staff is getting ready for the holiday season stringing hundreds of light from the trees.  This requires some massive wiring of which I get a "behind the scenes" peak.

Seeing this broken light fixture brings a smile to my face, reminding me that a garden is always a work in progress, no matter how large of a staff that works in it.  I vow that when I return to my own, I won't be so critical.

I am literally the last visitor out of the gardens that evening with the security guard closing the gates behind me.  I pause just a few minutes more to enjoy the departing beauty.


  1. Beautiful piece. I know just how you feel about gardens. Just one of the best experiences ever. You took some outstanding photos. Wish I were there!!! That car has certainly been a joy for you. And the implementer of a lifetime of memories. I wait every day for your blogs!1 Thanks so much for sharing!!! love ya, aunt judy

  2. Beautiful gardens! Thanks for the interesting fact about the moss chiggers. One of our favorite places to go in LA is the Huntington Library, it also has beautiful gardens.

  3. I will have to add Huntington Library to my bucket list. Perhaps on the way back up the California coast.

  4. Haven't tried it on chiggers, but have on bedbug bites! One of the myriad uses of glycerin is reduction of inflammations and itches, plus accelerated healing. Don't get me started, but mouthwash (edible, can be swallowed), gum and tooth sterilizer (hygroscopic and dissolves plaque, kills bacteria), etc. Any skin issues, removal of wrinkles and scars.