Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's off season here, my perfect time. As soon as I drive down Ocean Blvd. it's readily apparent that this area transacts the majority of it's business during the summer months.  The beach and associated boardwalk are sparsely occupied now.  Only locals and a few straggling tourists like me fill the space.

I can't help but compare the two; Myrtle Beach and Atlantic City. Although there are many similarities, there are also significant differences.  Atlantic City has an edge, sharp corners and an attitude.  Myrtle Beach is laid back with female curves and a Sunday ease of contentment.

Myrtle Beach, although technically a man made island separated by the intracostal waterway, is centrally located on a continuous stretch of beach known as the Grand Strand that goes on for miles.  I walked on the beach for well over an hour (one way) and still there was a runway of sand equal to the Qamdo Bamda Airport.

Beachcombers dot the sand and each has a unique contraption to scoop up treasures.

A few surf casters.  No fish but a good day's worth of jawboning.

Cannonball Jelly Fish
Common in the area and found along the beach are the Cannonball Jelly Fish. These jellies have no centralized respiratory, digestive, nervous or circulatory systems.  

Yeah, me either...ah, how do you guys live?

As mentioned in my last post, I was made aware upon my arrival of the regulatory reach of the Myrtle Beach City Council arm.  It came as no surprise to me then, when I saw this posting. Dang good thing I didn't bring a hat!

Oh, and by the way just in case you're thinking of sporting that new thong... think again. Myrtle Beach has a thong ban. 

"Visitors should note that unlike in most places in the United States and the rest of the Western World, thongs (or any swimwear revealing any portion of the buttocks) are not permitted anywhere in public in Myrtle Beach, including all beaches.[12] [13] Violators of the ban may be arrested, jailed, fined, have their photographs posted on police websites, and receive widespread news coverage."

Yikes, your photograph posted on police websites!  Serious.

Tush!, well there's no way I can end this post on such a rump of a note. Instead I'll butt it up with the following booty:


  1. Your photos are great! Your tales hilarious! Myrtle Beach may be colonized by old geezers whose hearts can't stand the wear and tear of such a beautiful site as a fanny cheek! Not so here in sunny So California. Probably not even one nude beach! Did you take that seductive face of the front of KItt? I'd hate to see her handcuffed!

    The boardwalk looks great and the surf and sunsets must be spectacular. Love your blog! aunt judy

  2. Anonymous;
    Cite, Site, and Sight mean totally different things! Only English treats you to identical sounds with different meanings and spellings like that. And Chinese, of course, but they use that as an excuse to organize their lives around superstitious punning.