Saturday, November 8, 2014

This is not my first rodeo, I've been thrown off this bull before.  Generally when I have a travel day like today, I plan the evening before, how many miles I will drive, where I will stop to charge and which campground I will be staying at. The following day, sometime in the morning I call the campground, (generally) ask for a tent campsite, inform them I am travelling and SLEEPING in my electric car and make a reservation.  I learned early on, that some campgrounds do not allow guests to sleep in their car.  I have had this "rule" waived for me on several occasions, when they find out I am travelling alone and in an electric car, but I always present this information up front. 

I arrive at the Myrtle Beach KOA after confirming my reservation in the morning.  When idle conversation yields me sleeping in my car, all 4 KOA employees in the office speak in unison that there is a city ordinance prohibiting guests from sleeping in their cars.  I counter with, geeze, that would have been nice to have that info relayed to me on the phone this morning before I traveled over 300 miles to get here.   After  finger pointing by 'grumpy receptionist' (GR) who took my reservation, Ray (the manager) steps in and addresses the problem at hand.  He verbalizes his solution for me to stay in a cabin which will be  across from a pull through site that has a NEMA 14-50 and will give it to me at tent site pricing.  Bueno!  GR now starts to process the paperwork, but is ringing me up for cabin and NEMA 14-50 rates.  When I mention, that's not what Ray just said, she has a follow-on grump attack, complete with eyeball rolls, and asks Ray who confirms, yes tent pricing.  Hmmm, maybe listening just isn't everyone's forte.  Sometimes it doesn't take a village, it just takes a cattle prod.
Ray, the GR neutralizer

The smallest space I have worked out in yet!
With manure now popping up posies, I retire to my quarters, plug in every electrical charging device I have, get a work out in and bed down for the night.

Tomorrow, a day at a beach, but not just any beach.  A beach that I've heard about more times than Kitt's been to the trough.  Myrtle Beach!


  1. Doesn't look like Ray works out much there either. Funny I thought a tent would come in handy some where along the way. But I guess U don't need one to get a bar of candy and what ever they gave u in that cup.

    Thought u'd be flying home from k-hawk for the holidays in that contraption! I'm getting in as many local trail miles as possible these days, wish the weight was going off faster but it isn't. Oh well what can I say except that eating less may help.

    Just FYI as of 3013 Thong swim ware (or any swim wear revealing any portion of the buttocks) has been banned on all beaches in Horry County County ( i.e. Myrtle Beach ) ; Violators of the ban may be arrested, jailed, fined, have their photographs posted on police websites, and receive widespread news coverage.

    So If U want to get your blog hits up thats the best I can do for U at the moment :)


    U may want to get "GR" in on this also, sounds like she could be a great PR gal.

    Keep on Juice-n


  2. Geeze, can you access my computer remotely and see what I'm about to post next? You and I are on the same page!

  3. I recently finished a Peter Jenkins book about Walking in the south, and seems like in both cases, Southern Hospitality is not to be found everywhere. I think even here you cannot camp in a car in many places- including state beaches. Ray sounds like a real gem though. Be safe! You should have a blast!!! Myrtle Beach!!! Wow!!
    Love and hugs, aunt Judy