Saturday, November 15, 2014

Today it's raining buckets and everything's a blur (despite Kitt's eyelashes batting at full speed).  There are constraints though, leaving only today to see the speedway.  Am I going to let a little water (okay a lot of water) stop me...heck no!   Slow and easy off I go.

2015 Daytona 500 Price Map
Even if you're not a NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Racing) fan, the word Daytona holds a powerful iconic image in just about every person's mind.  Opened in 1959, the 2.5 mile tri-oval track is home to the most prestigious stock car race, the Daytona 500.

Normally the tour is conducted from open air shuttle carts but since there are only 6 of us (huh, go figure?) the tour operator gets a van instead.  Visibility is limited, but even so, there is no problem seeing the 31 degree banked turns, designed to permit higher speeds and give fans better viewing of the cars.  There is serious angle to this track, which was built by excavating millions of tons of soil from the track's infield.  Because of the high water table in the area, the 29 acre hole filled in, creating what is now called Lake Lloyd.

The Daytona Speedway can seat approximately 170,000 fans (200,000+ if one counts the 180 acre infield that is open for "camping"). 

Pit Road

Winner's Circle

Finish Line

There is a lot of history here, including the fist punches exchanged between Bobby Allison and Cale Yarborough in 1979, sending ratings through the roof and insuring additional press coverage and broadcast contracts for NASCAR.

Their own walk of fame.  Who knew?


  1. Well, as the widow of a totally NASCAR hooked man, I really enjoyed this report. 31 degree curve? I never would have guessed, and I have seen endless scenes of these races! Probably even saw that first punch! Sounds like you are still having a good time on the road! I am still living vicariously through your blog!! Eagerly awaiting your next post! aunt judy

  2. A couple days before I visited Daytona, I called up the administrative offices to see if I could take Kitt on the track as I know other tracks in the country allow for such. I never received a call back, and was notified by the tour operator that you had to pass certain driving tests before they allowed you to use the track. Darn! Thought that would be a fun thing to do, but apparently lots of hoops to jump through.

  3. Another fight just recently? Another ratings booster ...