Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Awhile back when I was on the phone with my eldest son, he asked me, "what do you eat (when you're on the road)?"  As you've probably already surmised, I'm the type who "Eats to Live" and when by myself, I expend very little effort on food.  This does not mean however that I will grab just anything to satisfy my hunger.  Whether at home, or on the road, I try to live by 3 precepts.

1)  Eat close to the source 
2)  Eat a plant based diet   
                      3)  Eat from a wide variety of food sources

There is a long history of how I've arrived at where I am today, (and I'm still fine tuning it) but I will tell you that the overwhelming bulk of the reason behind my diet is health related.  Each year for the past 20+ years I get a CBC & lipid panel of blood work done.  About 15 years ago (due to no change in my diet) some of the markers started to go beyond their limits and my doctor wanted to put me on meds.  That wasn't an option for me and so I started my quest to use food as my medication.  It worked!  I take no vitamins or drugs of any kind, instead deriving all my nutrients and health from my food (and exercise).  

Here's my "road" regiment:

Breakfast is simple.  I heat up water in my car kettle and pour it over a mixture of oatmeal, flax and chia seeds.  Cover to "cook" for 5 or so, then top with whatever fruit I have on hand.

Green tea.  I usually have 2 cups in the morning and drink it all day long.

A typical snack

Juicing is a big part of my regiment and it's typically what I have for lunch.  As selective as I was about what to bring on this trip, two items were a must have; the Electromate 400 power station and the Omega 8006 juicer.
I use the power station to run my juicer, charge my phone, computer, and other devices when I have no electrical hook-ups. The built in light comes in handy when I'm working outside at night and even the air compressor has been put to use twice so far.

Electromate 400 and Omega 8006 juicer 

Couple "goof-ups" in the video.  The juicer is an Omega 8006 NOT an 8600
and yeah, I know my head's cut off.

To your health.

Super easy clean-up.

Dinner is usually a salad or a tortilla filled with a bean, lentil, hummus, veggie mixture.

This is how I eat 99+% of the time when I'm preparing the food.  However there are times when I don't have control, such as when the pizza arrived with cheese on the vegan quarter.  I do not make a big stink over such situations.  I just do my best with it.  Also, there are times, like that giant fortune cookie in Las Vegas that I break the eating close to the source precept .  Do I beat myself up? HECK NO!  These are rare circumstances that I allow myself. 

Lastly, B12 is a hemi (meat based) essential vitamin needed in small amounts by the body.  Veggie people usually obtain it through fortification.  Within this past year however,  I get it from an occasional serving of fresh fish as my research has yielded significant health benefits from inclusion of "fatty fish" in the diet.

I'm a big believer in being kind to myself.  In large part, I do this through my food; making selections that will be beneficial to me.  Let's face it... there are lots of people out there who are more than willing to beat you up in the course of a day.  I owe it to myself to make sure I'm not one of them.


  1. Excellent presentation. I do my best to eat a healthy diet, but am no where as good at it as you! Your juicer intrigues me. Do you carefully choose the veggie/fruit mix? judy

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  3. I usually make a green juice starting with a base of cucumber/celery, adding:
    o a green leafy vegetable; spinach, kale, beet greens, mustard greens, etc.
    o a "sweetener"; apples, carrots, or beets
    o and a slice of ginger
    I'll also throw in other veggies/herbs I might have on hand. Parsley, cilantro, garlic, broccoli, cabbage, red pepper, etc.
    My taste buds don't require it to be too sweet, but other family members do. This is a great way to get a wide variety of veggies in the diet. I'll make you a batch when I see you next!