Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's our last day together in San Antonio and there's one remaining item on our list; the SAS Shoe Factory. 

We head to the parking garage where I find some heel unplugged Kitt from her power source last night.  An odd sense of humor I think, but it matters not, as we have plenty of charge to keep instep with our plans.

Mom did the research, made the reservations  and booked us a factory tour to learn how shoes are made at the family owned San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS) Factory. 

The tour begins in their store which is a museum in itself, filled with cool, vintage memorabilia from yesteryear.  The owners are avid collectors and the antiques range from this 1939 Buick Eight Special to a vintage coke machine.
We meet our guide in the back by the shoe fitting area and are instructed that no photography is allowed inside the factory.  No problem as SAS has released this video on U-tube showing how their shoes are made.  An extraordinary process, and one which I was glad to have witnessed. 

The worker's in this factory, mostly women, have low turn over rates, are lightening fast, and impressively precise.  A true testament that the US can compete in the manufacturing sector utilizing a philosophy grounded in pride and respect.  

I wish I was wearing stars and stripes after the tour as I'm swelling with American pride for the factory worker's I've seen here.  

I drop the guys off at the airport and now it's time for me to get to work myself. The most challenging leg of the trip thus far is ahead,  the 900+ mile trek to Arizona along the sparely populated I10 corridor.  

Mom watches the news and tells me a snowstorm is to hit Texas on Thursday.  I spend the evening with my computer, a notebook and a large bowl of anticipation.

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