Sunday, January 25, 2015


Just ask any of my family members how many times I've talked about ordering and "giving it a go" at consuming, what's got to be the largest pizza in the world.  "How cool would that be?"  I've said over and over and over.  They all know, this is pretty close to the top of my list for this trip, so we all pile into Kitt and head to:
Ok, let me just get all the disclaimers out the way.  You don't come here on a Saturday night if you're not willing to wait... and certainly don't come here if your'e not willing to wait even longer for a 42" or 60" (not on the menu) pizza.  They let you know this right up front and YES it does take 2 hours. 

G-whizz, sixty inches... just a few more pepperoni slices and you've got my height!

Everybody weighed in ahead of time on their favorite toppings, so by the time we get to the front of the line we know exactly what we want.  One half Hawaiian, one quarter pepperoni, one quarter vegan.

37" Silver, 42" Black
pizza pans
They won't start making your pizza however until you are seated.  Since seating is limited and assigned, you are given a pager and the multi-hourglass gets turned over.  Even though there are only 5 of us, the wait is even longer because a larger table is needed to accommodate the 42" pie we've ordered. 

18" elongated "plates"
It's close to 9pm by now and I should mention 2 out of the 3 guys get grumpy when they're hungry and don't get fed.  I know the thermometer is reaching that temperature and I expect grumbles, but there are none!  Fast forward a few frames and we're seated with our pizza in the oven.  

And then it arrives

Okay, so there's cheese on the vegan quarter.  So what!  I make the best of it as I'm not a gestapo vegan (more on this later).

Enough photos already... it's time to dig in!  

Picture a human chipper-shredder... Yep that's how long he had to wait for this meal! 
By the time all is said and done, we consume about half the pizza, with everybody pulling their fair share.  

None of it will go to waste as there is a frig and microwave in the hotel room.  Midnight "snacks" are not uncommon with the boys and left over pizza fits that bill just right.

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  1. My stomach aches with envy! My personal routine is far different; I start with a frozen 16" Deluxe, and a frozen Hot Italian sausage chunk, a chunk of mozza, a slice of onion, a mushroom or two, a quarter of a green pepper, fresh spinach, and shakers of crushed chili and powdered garlic and an Italian spice mix or oregano. Then I start chopping and layering and piling on 1/2 the pizza, putting the other back in the fridge for tomorrow's creation. The rest nestles into a preheated 400° toaster-oven for about 30 min or a touch less. Then it descends into The Maw.

    Regular crust, thin won't handle it.