Friday, January 23, 2015

It's taken 3 nights, but we arrive back on the supercharger network, 800+ miles from whence we started in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.  We pull into Columbus, Texas late at night and since we are both tired, we fill with enough charge (plus buffer) to make it to San Antonio airport where we will meet up with my husband, my mom and my oldest son all arriving on separate flights. 

Two of the flights are the following day and within 90 minutes of each other.  No point in making 2 trips so I plug into a (Blink) charger in the parking garage and pick up (13kWh @300 sH/mi) about 40 miles.  I don't underestimate these opportunities anymore.

After scooping everybody up, we make our way to the Drury Inn & Suites Riverwalk and check in.  Imagine my excitement when I see...

my ole buddy, the homely socket!  Yea!  I love charging this way when hurry isn't in the vocab.

While waiting for our room to be ready...

my eldest son presents a gift to my mom

and makes her day.

As we're within walking distance of the Alamo, (remember the Alamo?) we waste no time and set out on foot to explore the city.  But this is not the only reason we've come here.  Ever since the seed for this cross country trip germinated in my brain, I've wanted to come to San Antonio to...

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  1. Looks like U'r having fun, too bad Elvis wasn't there to see ya !