Thursday, January 22, 2015

Before I head out on a NSC (non-supercharger) travel segment of this length, I always plan the route ahead of time, using plugshare, google maps and Tesla's "partnered hotels".  I optimize the route, typically leaving a 10-15% range buffer for unperceived conditions like elevation gain, head wind, detours, etc.  For extended range charge segments, I build in "halfway point charge options" just in case.  I haven't had to use any of them, but because they're there, I have a high degree of certainty I will never run out of charge.


  • it's not unusual to be void of phone/internet access 
  • and although rare, Kitt's navigational systems have been known to freeze,  
I write all charging locations in a notebook.   Additionally, as info is often stale from the net, I call ahead to verify and let them know to expect me. 

On long legs like this next one, I won't stay the night but will spend 6 or more hours charging.  When complete, I continue on for the second leg of the day.  For these "lay-over" sites, I request a NEMA 14-50 only which typically runs me between $5 and $15. This one downtown cost $22. 

Sometimes I don't have a choice, but if I can, I choose a location that is within walking distance of something interesting.  In this case I score with downtown Little Rock, AR. 
USS Razorback

When I'm by myself I eat simple, out my cooler in the frunk. With my son, however we opt to find a restaurant that will accommodate vegan as well as carnivore options. We decide on The Root Cafe.  I call them up to verify they'll close at 2:30pm (it's now 2:20 and we're 30 minutes away by foot).  Kevin answers the phone, learns of our predicament and offers to come pick us up.  Although out of character for me, I accept!

I order the spicy banh mi, kiddo orders the burger and we split sweet potato fries.

Everything is fresh and homemade. Kevin tells me, when possible they source local and make their own mayo and sauces.  Seriously, if you're in this neck of the woods and are looking for good food with an unpretentious vibe, give em a try.  They've earned a 4 1/2 star rating on yelp as well as other kudos.

With all tummies full, the humans grab a few homemade goodies for the road and we make our way to Bossier City, Louisiana where we'll all spend the night and charge.

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