Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just as time and a small amount of water can create mammoth spaces, so does time and a small amount of charge fill empty batteries.  Over the course of 3 nights, I've been able to fill Kitt's cavern with over 200 miles of charge using a 120V socket.  Kitt's now ready, and it's time to reppel towards Texas.

Conveniently located on our way out, is Lost River Cave in Bowling Green KY.  We belay in for one last (underground boat) caving experience.
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Lost River is a 7 mile cave system with water running through it.  It is the strangest system I have seen thus far as the river starts from a blue hole, looking much like a sedentary pond.  A nice place to swim on a summer day, I thought.  Not so much, as there is a strong undertow beneath that deceiving calm surface which has sucked in unsuspecting victims to their death.  Yeah, I'll pass. 

The river's current is so fast in fact, that early settlers built a hydroelectric generator which powered a grist mill.

The river level is high from rains that fell the last few days, so we have to duck down more than usual to clear the overhang.

It is beautiful in here, and as we are off season and joined by only 2 others, the guide lets us linger.

Although decidedly "tourist", it is one of mother nature's spectacular marvels, worthy of setting anchor and descending into. 

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