Monday, January 12, 2015

Okay, let's just say that going from California's 65 degree weather into the 20 degree Tennesseean "cold snap" is much like a reverse commute.  Most everyone else is going in the opposite direction! 

I've been in 20 degree weather many times before, skiing the Sierra Nevada Mountain slopes, but this 20 degree is different.  Of course there is the wind chill, but combine THAT with the moisture content that's in the air, and you've got a convoy of big rig icicles careening straight towards your soul.

Before leaving for the holidays, I made hotel reservations, as I had plans to meet up with a friend and thought she might not take kindly to sleeping in the back of Kitt.  Unfortunately due to health issues with a family member, she was unable to come, so for the next 3 mornings, I'll be out of the HOV lane, and bumper to bumper with my in-room wall heater.

But it's just the cold after all... a thankful temporary condition.  I put on every article of cold weather gear I've brought and head out to explore the city.  First stop Goo Goos!

Ever since discovering the Tennessean candy Goo Goo Cluster, back when I was in Georgia, I wanted to visit the factory in Nashville to see how this deliciousness was made.  Goo Goos are a product of the Standard Candy Company, and the premium size clusters are still made by hand at their new store on 3rd avenue.

The original Goo Goo Cluster was introduced in 1912 and layers milk chocolate, caramel, peanuts and marshmallow nougat.  Since that time, several different varieties including the supreme, made with pecans instead of peanuts are now available.

As tempting as it might be, I can't have Goo Goos for lunch.  Instead, I stop by the Wild Horse Saloon for their "signature dish" I've been hearing so much about...

Fried Pickles!
(err... I guess I should have taken a before photo)

Although great, I wouldn't recommend them solely for lunch.  A definite fender bender in the stomach!

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