Sunday, January 11, 2015


I hope you all had a peaceful holiday season filled with contentment, love and the joy that comes with time spent with family and friends.  I cherished my time at home for the holidays, but have to say I missed being with Kitt and the open road.  Well, we are reunited once again, back in Nashville ready to kick up our heels and resume our cross country trip!  Thus far we've logged just under 11,000 miles but still many items remain on the bucket list.

Now, you just might be wondering where Kitt spent the last 6 weeks?  As I was searching for an enclosed storage unit, I kept running into the impediment that most facilities have removed their 110V outlets from the units due to some people living in them and the resulting liability. Since I had some minor maintenance work to be done on Kitt,  I thought I would ask Tesla if they had any suggestions.

To my surprise and delight, Samantha Eash, Tennessee's Service Concierge offered to provide "day care" for Kitt as their branch recently opened, had lots of space and not yet much service work.
Rob, Samantha, Keith, Taylor, Brent
You guys rock!
You might think yourself lucky that you had a great experience like this once, but it's been 3 times now!  This is no random occurrence and I'm trying hard not to expect this level of service, but golly-g I've gotta say I'm hooked.  In addition to storing Kitt, great service work, shuttle rides to and from the airport, these guys helped trouble shoot the installation of tire cables for (anticipated) snow conditions, recommended cheap parking downtown and filled Kitt to the brim with joules.

Elon... not only do they read your memo, they digest it!  I can't wait to see what will be on Tesla's New Year's resolution list this year.


  1. Jan. 22, a belated welcome back. Now I have the pleasure of reading a whole buncha days back-to-back to get current with you again!

  2. Thank you! Good to have you back.