Friday, February 20, 2015

Even the non-caffeinated among us will recognize this logo.  It's a popular beverage for over worked college students as well as others needing a bit more zip in their step; Monster Energy Drinks.  I reference it as a toxic waste dump with my kids, but they just laugh, as they love em.

Monster Energy is a major sponsor for the AMA Supercross, a nationwide sporting event televised on FOX Sports, involving off road motorcycles racing on an artificially made dirt track with jumps, tight turns, and whoops.

Typically my family votes for riding the bikes over watching them being ridden, but Petco Park is a downtown icon. What better way of experiencing it than with truck loads of dirt filling the infield?

Ah, but not so fast.  First there's the Pit Party.  Your ticket in? empty Monster can of course.  Kid's have plenty of those, so in we go.

In addition to receiving a can of 
your favorite Monster Energy Drink, including ones not yet released, there are cool bikes to see, Monster merchandise for sale, and a chance to view the bikes being worked on.

We finish up here and join the other 42,441 possible spectators entering the park.  
Festivities begin with hand-held and truck mounted cannons shooting Monster T-shirts into the crowd.

This is a lively, fun loving audience.  The mc is working his magic, getting the audience all revved up.  He then pops the clutch for my first stadium "wave".

The crowd is pumped, the riders are introduced and the race begins.  Actually there are a series of races in two different classes; 250cc bikes and 450cc bikes. 

These guys are fun to watch for sure, but I can't take my eyes off the video cam set up that they have in the arena.  Suspended high above the track, 4 different cables each on their own pulley system attach to a video camera that flies effortlessly across the field.  There's got to be a Starfleet Captain, nimbly controlling this cylindrical time capsule with a joystick from his bridge.  It has me completely transfixed.  Beam me up Scotty!

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