Saturday, February 21, 2015

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Ahhh, exercise.  The word that makes some people cringe. 

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Single, married, with kids, without kids, professionally working, retired, travelling on business, travelling for pleasure, at home or on a multi-month cross country trip, I exercise.  It's part of how I live. 

When considering my choice of exercise "programs" for this trip, I knew my pick had to rely just on my body's own weight for resistance as I didn't want to pack any additional equipment.  I settled on Shaun T's Insanity; a set of 10 DVD's by Beachbody.

Insanity is a 60 day transformational program that I completed in the Fall of 2013.  Working out 6 days a week, I was in the best shape of my life.  For better or worse, I now use this as my yardstick and motivational incentive. 

Shortly after completion, I mixed it up and took a series of "silk classes". I now have the ultimate respect and admiration for Cirque performers as they make it look effortless (which it's not).

I know from previous experience that I can retain muscle tone with clean eating and 3 "resistance/cardio" workouts per week.  

Looking back at my trip pics, I chuckle at the various places I've worked out.  The grass, the dirt, the gravel, the pavement, the laundry room, the YMCA, rec rooms, hotel rooms,  little cabins and various gyms around the country have been my parcourse. 

I'm sure I've provided entertainment for many a passerby, but I've only had respect and appropriate comments delivered to me.  

Sufficed to say, when I work's all about the workout.  There is no point to any make-up or foo-foo as it would only end up in the towel.
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Although my clothes seemingly fit the same, I can tell that I've lost some muscle tone, as part of my higher intensity workouts have been replaced by long walks or hikes, lacking resistance training.  Ugh..  I'm planning on getting that muscle back when I return home and begin Tony Horton's P90X3 which I received for Christmas. 

Image result for don't beat yourself upI love motivational sayings!  No doubt I'm going to need them all when I start this program.

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