Monday, February 23, 2015

Family is everything.  Although not all thought it a good idea for me to take this trip, there are those who have offered support and encouragement from the get-go.   I have one more stop to make before heading back up the coast towards home and will spend the afternoon with a trusted backer.  

One of my most staunch supporters, a sage, and someone who has cheered me on all the way along, has extended an invitation for lunch.  Lunch will be served from her garden, but more of the nourishment will come from her company.

Aunt Judy and I instantly hit it off more than 30 years ago when we initially met.  I felt a kindredship, a sisterhood, and an organic ease to being with her.  Make no mistake, I have nothing to do with this as I believe she has this effect on everyone.  

Thank you for everything you are,
 for all that you do, and  for the good
 you bring into this world.
  Love you!
Her optimism and positive outlook are contagious and her garden responds accordingly.

During our lunch together, I learn about her involvement with the RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) group and believe her to be the inspiration behind it.  Giving of herself, her time, and her oranges, this lady is the real deal.  

San Juan Capistrano

With the sun in my hair and wind to my back, I leave San Diego for stop #6, San Juan Capistrano.  

The guys continue their conversation after
leaving the donut shop
While charging, I walk across the street to the Donut Hut for a cup of Joe with my computer.  While sitting there, I witness a scene straight out of Cheers.  Each guy that walks in, knows the others there.  Hellos are exchanged, jokes are levied against each other, laughter fills the air and although I know no one, I am happy to be the fly on the wall, listening to it all, including their departing words, "See you tomorrow".

Whatever's in those donuts must be darn good.


  1. OMG! Your comments are too kind! But we did have a great time didn't we? Tonight I went to the garden, picked 4 kinds of lettuce, onion tops, china peas, broccoli, tomatoes and some of the good chard- and made a great salad for dinner. (had to balance that with a few Girl Scout cookies! It was so wonderful to see you both! Much love and hugs to both of you! aunt judy

  2. Thank you for your warm hospitality and your fresh garden veggies. It's always great seeing you!