Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gilbert Ray is my accomplice, and campground of choice for the next several nights in this resort.  Peaceful, quiet, and serene with easy access to the park, downtown, and area trails, it's just my kinda place.  Oh... and did I mention they have a 30 Amp circuit?  Bonus!

It's a bit on the windy side this morning, but once I get into the canyons I know that will change. 

I'm anxious to hike this area as I haven't been getting my usual number of workouts in and I'm starting to feel paunchy.  I arrive at the David Yetman trailhead, not too far from the campground and load my backpack to be out for several hours.

Although not the largest cactus in the world, the saguaro does claim that title for the United States.  Reaching upwards to 70' tall, this ancient giant can live 200 years or more, (sometimes) sprouting arms after 75+ years.  

I know javelina are present in this area and frequent washes like the kind I'm in.  Although I know nothing about their scat, I'm pretty sure this belongs to a deer, or elk and not the sharp toothed peccary.

A number of items on the menu here are supersized, a surprising condition considering their skinny diet of rainfall.  

I walk for hours enjoying the assortment of beauty, never seeing another soul.

It's rounding 5 o'clock, time for me to head back as it's time  for...


Although seriously, I'd like more than just an hour of this.


  1. Hope you are enjoying Tucson- Hope you made it to the Desert Museum, it's our best attraction! You timed it right for being here, the weather has been spectacular the last few days.

  2. I very much am enjoying your part of the country! It's beauty is surreal and I could easily stay through winter. No wonder many do. I must have either spoken with you or you've read my mind, as the Desert Museum is on my list of to do's.

  3. No- my first post to your blog- although I've been following it all along- very nice job of posting your adventure. I'm a retired EE too by the way! what a great career choice. You'll love the Desert Museum, it's the nicest attraction as I said, and you picked a perfect week to be here with the temps nearly 80. I have an S85 that I've had for 9 months, Can't wait to take a long trip, this spring hopefully. I almost took it to Texas at Christmas, but couldn't spend the time it takes to get across west Texas on I-10 Now that I saw you made it even in bad weather, maybe I'll try it soon. By the way, if you need a charge, I have a HPWC at 64Amps and I live on the west side of Tucson, you can reach me by PM at Tesla motors club- MyJoule is my name there. Safe travels.

    1. You were right, I loved the desert museum! I could have easily spent another day, as there still was more to see.
      How exciting to be looking forward to taking your trip across Texas. There are plenty of charging options, but as you alluded, it takes some time. I've met some of the nicest people during these lay-overs and have to say, I don't mind having to slow myself down to accommodate.
      Thx for the HPWC offer. Nice beefy circuit you have there. Kudos.

    2. Glad you enjoyed the Desert Museum- Also, this is Gem Show week- lots of interesting gem vendors in town- and Finally, in SE AZ we have Karchner Caverns- but it requires advance reservations and usually is full so even though you said you liked caves, I didn't suggest it earlier, Maybe you planned ahead enough and got a reservation to it? If so I hope you enjoyed it, if not, maybe next time you are passing through you should try to take it in Enjoy the rest of your stay in the Old Pueblo - MyJoule

  4. I am a sunset junkie! These two photos in your blog are awesome!!! Looks like fun all the way!!! judy

  5. Me too, and I would be hard pressed to find better than I've seen here.