Thursday, February 5, 2015

I wake up this morning and just can't stop smiling.  It is the most gorgeous day.  A 73 degree parfait, layered with sunshine, pebbled granola and topped with a thin wispy layer of marshmallow clouds.  This has got to be what nirvana tastes like, as I can't imagine anything sweeter. 
It is a day that tells you dawdling is okay and loitering is expected.

I enjoy lounging with my chores, giving the bed permanent residency rather than sending it packing from a one night stand. 

Although there are no showers at this campground, I get an insider's tip that hot water is available "round back".  I'm told people take showers back here as the telescoping wand allows for such., but I'm not adverse to washing my hair!

On the walk back, I see an intriguing homemade solar set up.  I'd like to talk with the 'engineers' but I never see them out and about.  I don't want to disturb their solitude but I'm bummed that I don't get to hear their story.

I get a late start on my joyride into town for provisions.  The hustle and bustle increases the further in I go, but I seem to have immunity from it's affects.  On the way, I see signs pointing to the Sonoran Desert Museum.  I ask locals if it's worth the bother and get thumbs up, with emphasis made not to miss the raptor show. 

Tomorrow's literary...fini.     


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  3. Its effects

    literary = intinerary ??

    affects only gets to be a noun as "display of emotion".