Friday, February 13, 2015

I arrive in Yuma, AZ  late in the evening.  The area around the supercharger is abandoned, looking like I'm the first engineer it's seen since construction.   I notice there's a Hilton Garden Inn just across the way and briefly (nope, I can't even say the neurotransmitter crossed the synapse) thought about checking in.  I'll be up early (possibly before expected) so I decide to put down  roots right here.

I commence my cardboard barn raising; side walls go up, plumbing is vetted, and HVAC installed to code.  I retire for the evening knowing I have the best crew of professional electrons, finishing up the job.

Self contained, self sufficient, with a self-made selfie stick, I rise and shine.  

Yuma, AZ

It's an overcast day, and there are no other amp seekers to share it with.   The area is void of people, let alone another Model S.

I've heard Yuma is a place where the snowbirds like to migrate for the winter. I'd like to see for myself what it has to offer and a quick search yields Martha's Gardens as a place to start.  Reviews mention the date shakes are not to be missed.  With final inspection signed off, I pack up my tool belt and head on out to go see Martha.

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