Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm not only on my countdown for the last 10 superchargers, I'm also on my countdown towards home and the completion of this trip.

Although living out of my car is quite a deviation from the traditional accommodations I've left, the trade offs for me have yielded a ten fold benefit.  At this point in my life, I give more emphasis to experiential opportunities rather than goods and chattels.  Having a great story, experiencing a sunset that rivets my feet, stretching my 'comfort' rubber band so my heart is pounding, encountering characters and cultures, ideas and philosophies different than my own or what's available in my home town, are just a fraction of what this trip has proffered.  

I've had miles and hours alone to myself.  Unfettered by the constrains of conventional subsistence and through the effortless availability of time, I've found a zen of sorts, a clarity to my thinking and a greater pliability of how to approach life.  So in a way, this countdown is much like the ball dropping on New Year's eve.  The promise of a clean slate, a different way of doing things, a new beginning; all of which can commence at any time.  Ready?

Buckeye, AZ

Gila Bend, AZ


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