Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our state flower, the California Poppy
With dates in tow, I cross over my final state line, back home into California.  Kitt and I have traveled to 30 states over these past 5 months.  I know it sounds like a long time, but honestly it feels like we just got started.

Although I've lived here most of my life, I've never been to the southeast corner. Whoa, what a difference!  I'm not surprised at the amount of sand...just that it's not on a beach.

Algodones Dunes

About an hour in, we make a pit stop at #7 on our countdown, El Centro, CA.

El Centro, CA

The terrain begins to change, giving way to solid terra ferma and more familiar topography.

It will be fairly easy going from here, except for San Diego which has yet to get it's supercharger.  I know one is under construction and as I have family in the area, I'm anxious to check on it's progress.  Until then, it's slow charging on paid networks such as Blink, or Chargepoint which can be muy caro.  Ugh...I think I'll have a date.


  1. Ha! Here in San Diego!!! Stop on by if you get the chance!!! Love, judy

  2. Do you have any time available this Saturday? Would love to stop by and see you. It's been too long!

  3. it's progress -- boo!
    It's slow charging -- yay!

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    He's, she's, it's.

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