Wednesday, February 18, 2015

There is so much to see and do in San Diego that you could live a lifetime here and never see it all.  Both my boys graduated from this city and every time I come here, I try to explore something yet unseen. I plan to lite here a few days and add to my list.

 I've been waiting oh so patiently for the first SD supercharger to open.  There has been much speculation in the past with regards to its secret whereabouts, but as the following thread from the Tesla Motors Club suggests, it's location has pretty much been confirmed.  Now it's just a matter of wait time. I'd like to see just how far along they are, so off I go to do a little supercharger geocaching for myself.

The supercharger is said to be off Barnes Canyon Road in the QualComm parking lot.  I find it easy enough and ask a construction worker to authenticate its location, which he does.  Yea for that!  He estimates a April opening, but I won't be counting my spring chickens any time soon.
12 conduits still sticking out
of the ground.

For now it's slow charging on a 30 Amp J1772  (~17 mi/hr) which Marriott has installed since the last time I was here.  Although there is no charge to charge ;D downtown parking, especially by the marina is none too cheap.

Ya can't complain too much though, as all you have to do is walk outside for a million dollar view.

This is a naval town with the defense industry comprising 26% of the local employment.  The Navy's presence is obvious and the $30.5 Billion it pours into the local economy is staggering. 

Although mite's presence is substantial, art has made it's way into the ballasts.
Artwork by Salvador Torres

Elusive yet inviting, muscular but gentle, San Diego's long reaching tentacles capture all that swim by.  


  1. Fantastic! Where is that art? Reminds me of the art at the East end of the Coronado bridge. You are right. San Diego is just full of great things to do and see. judy

    1. Wow! You're right. It's on the corner of Cesar Chavez Parkway and Harbor Drive, by the Coronado bridge (I want you on my San Diego geography treasure hunt team)